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Southamptons “Dragon Head” To Be Torn Down

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

 The well known "Dragon Head", purchased in 2003 by Calvin Klein, on famed Meadow Lane in Southampton is beginning its transformation. Demolition has begun on this very original design home, one of the largest on the east end, and   known for its indoor shark tank, among other amenities of the home.

Originally a summer home for the duPonts in 1924, the home sits on 7 breathtaking oceanfront acres.  In the 1970s it was owned by Andy Warhol protegee Baby Jane Holtzer and in 1980 financier Barry Trupin transformed the home and named it "Dragon Head". 

Klein now intends to erect a 17,500 square foot modern compound that will feature concrete and plenty of glass to let in all the natural beauty of the ocean. And so with the start of Kleins "new" house, we see the beginning of the end of "Dragon Head."

Short Sale Seminar

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

 The "S" Word.

Short Sales. A phenomenon so rare on the East End, up until now, that you could identify each one. The Hampton and the North Fork may have been one of the last hold-outs, but in the past few months the amount of short sales on both the north and south fork have been mounting due to job loss, shrinking pay checks, poorly structured mortgage loans and more.

While we are somewhat insulated to the market swings that occur in other parts of the country, thee is a direct connection to Wall Street form our main Streets and therein lies some of the problem.

The Federal Government is taking unprecedented measures to stabilize housing and curtail the wave of foreclosures on the horizon because we have come to find much of our overall economy is intertwined in the American dream – homeownership.

Capitol Hill has identified a need to stabilize the housing market first in order to begin the recovery process. To that end, Town & Country has collaborated with local Real Estate Attorney Robin Lang, who specializes in short sales, Mortgage Broker Victoria Hohman from Manhattan Mortgage Company, and our own Elizabeth (Miss) Capozzoli, Licensed Real Estate Broker and Certified Short Sales Specialist to offer a series of free educational seminars specifically on Short Sales

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 from 7-8:30 pm at the Hampton Bays Library, 52 Ponquogue Ave

Panelist are:

LEGAL - Robin Long, Esq or Fier & Long PC Attorney, 631-585-4344

REAL ESTATE - Elizabeth Missy Capozzoli from Town & Country Real Estate, 631-288-3030

MORTGAGE- Victoria Hohman from Manhattan Mortgage Broker, 631-324-1555


Recession in the Hamptons?

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Just recently I was out and about looking at houses for a customer in Southampton Village – the estate section to be exact. I could not believe the amount of construction going on there. On one block there were so many contractors’ trucks that they had one of the workers directing traffic. What’s interesting was that on the same day,  the morning business news was all doom and gloom and one would think the Great Depression was just around the corner. I know our economy in not in the best shape but sometimes the media takes things to an extreme. It was a good feeling to see that the Hamptons’ is Defying Economic Gravity.   If you have never driven around the Estate Section of Southampton, you must, it is probably some of the most beautiful real estate you will see. Each time I go there, the beauty of all the old houses, landscaping and the beaches just takes my breath away. Be careful not to get caught in the “trade parade traffic jam” on Ox Pasture!

The Gates of Heaven – Hamptons Heaven, That Is

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Drive down the lanes a mile long in Southampton, bike through the meandering country roads of Bridgehampton, or jog along the waterside ways in East Hampton and you eyes are sure to feast on an array of entry gates to both humble and majestic home. Some are always open to welcome, other closed and quite possible locked shut; some elaborate and grand, others simple and small. For sure, all add a touch of personal taste and design to a home, as well as give privacy, and least we forget, a sense of security and peace of mind.

But there is also another added benefit of entry gates – gates are an investment in a home and increase property value, as they add elegance and beauty to existing landscaping. How many times have we heard or read a description of a house for sale that says "private gated entryway" or secluded and gates 2.5 acres". Gates are sellable features that can be added to every homes amenity list.

Choice and style and vast ad wide; prices are equally varied. Choose a look that compliments your home and landscape, one that won’t break the bank account, and most importantly, one that welcomes you HOME every time you pull up to you house.



Window Boxes – Instant Curb Appeal

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Add a splash of color and visual interest to your home with window boxes – charming enhancements that instantly add curb appeal to anything from the simplest home to the most majestic estate. Regardless of architectural style, play “dress-up” with your windows, and brighten the look of  your home relatively inexpensively.

First decide the style of the window box, then note what direction the box faces (sun vs, shade), then head to the nursery to pick out you favorite flowers and greens. Consider color, texture, height and form.  Go simple, go elaborate – go colorful, go GREEN.

Add a delightful accent to the exterior of your home by simply sticking your head out the window – you’ll be amazed at the difference window boxes can make to the attractiveness of your home.