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Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

The National Association of Realtors September report confirmed what Realtors across the United States have been experiencing. Existing home sales climbed to a seasonally adjusted rate of 5.55 million or 4.7% — a huge gain of nearly 8% over 2014!

This spike made up for some of August’s soft spots. We suspect the stock market’s wild ride in August set the stage for the August weakness. However, the September spike was a welcome sign that the home sales in 2015 nationally are on target to hit levels not seen since the crash. The American Dream is alive & well! Yet there are a few rain clouds in the sky…

First time buyers seem to have lost some strength with logging 29% of all sales vs the 32% in August. We will be watching this to see if it is a trend or an anomaly. First time home buyers are significant players as they ear mark future demand.

Let’s seek to the Home Affordability Index at year’s end for more insight.

T&C is proud to support the Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center!

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Town & Country Real Estate is proud to support the Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center in East Hampton. T&C was once again a corporate sponsor of the annual Golf Tournament at The Maidstone Club Monday October 5th. 

Congratulations to Barbara & Jim Edwards for their efforts in orchestrating such a successful event. The Club generously provided the venue on a gorgeous Indian Summer Day! Gene Stilwell and Judi Desiderio were in attendance to join in on the festivities. 

A good day on the golf course!



Monday, October 5th, 2015

Town & Country Real Estate proudly supports the Ladies Village Improvement Society, INC. One event we particularly enjoy partaking in is the Landmark Committee Luncheon. This year’s Annual Luncheon was at The Devon Yacht Club in Amagansett.

Mother Nature was showing off her powers outside, but the lecture and the company was warm and engaging inside.

Devon celebrated its centennial, so it was fitting that this year the event was moved from The Maidstone Club to Devon. John R. Mackall gave a tutorial on the history of Devon, the Colony, the Club and beyond.

The Devon Colony Estates were built in 1909 as a summer retreat for four wealthy families from Cincinnati. The William Stanhope Rowe House was the largest of the original Devon Colony Houses, called the 7 Sisters. It was built by John Mackall’s great grandfather. Richmond Levering, William Stanhope Rowe, Joseph Rawson and William Cooper Procter were the originators. We all admire their vision and commitment to Amagansett.

Town & Country calls this afternoon our Ladies Who Lunch. We enjoyed a beautiful array of delicious foods prepared by the chefs at Devon.

Happy Anniversary to a very special place with a very special history. Devon and The LVIS forever together.


Town & Country’s Board of Directors and Executive Staff Members

Monday, September 21st, 2015

Town & Country's Board of Directors and executive staff members enjoyed a beautiful luncheon at Duryea’s Dock in Montauk at the Annual Fighting Chance Lobster Bash. Duncan Darrow, Fighting Chance Founder and Chairman greeted everyone.

We all enjoyed our lobsters, chowders and much more, paring this great seafood with two great North Fork wines!

Chip Duryea was honored with a painting by Paul Davis. Chip’s generosity and love of Fighting Chance shone greater than the sunshine!

T&C has been taking our Board of Directors and executive staff members for the past few years… it’s a tradition we will miss since Duryea’s has been sold and will never quite be the same again without Chip.

A good time was had by all!




Photo Credit: Charlie Grubb


Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

The first 6 months of 2015 was a strong performance for the North Fork Markets!

Jamesport (which includes Aquebogue, Baiting Hollow and South Jamesport) was the star with all 3 criteria monitored by TOWN & COUNTRY, solidly in the black as well as the price ranges. The Number of Home Sales rose 18% and Total Home Sales Volume was up +19.3% while Median Home Sales Price gained 13.2%.

Mattituck (which includes Laurel and Cutchogue) posted the most number of sales at 73 closings along with the greatest statistical change of nearly 22%. The Median Home Sales Price for the first 6 months rose 13.2% to $505,000 from $446,250. But due to fewer sales over $2 million, year to year, the Total Home Sales Volume dipped 4.5%.

Southold (which includes New Suffolk and Peconic) also experienced heightened activity with all 3 criteria realizing gains; the Number Home Sales +6%; Total Home Sales Volume +17%, and Median Home Sales Price +1%.

Orient (which includes East Marion and Greenport) was the only North Fork market to see a pull back. The Number of Homes Sales for the first 6 months of 2015 dropped 14.3% from 2014 and Total Home Sales Volume was down 13%; the same time period. But the Median Home Sales Price rose a respectable 12.2% from $430,000 to $482,500, year to year.

Looking at All North Fork Markets Combined and you clearly see a solid first 6 months in sales activity. The Number of Home Sales was up 8%, Total Home Sales Volume +2% + Median Home Sales Price +9.4%. The strong increase in Median Home Sales Volume is a trend we are experiencing on the North Fork as more people come to discover the unique beauty.

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Monday, August 24th, 2015

The first 6 months of 2015 does not statistically document what most Hamptons Brokers would have expected.

Here at TOWN AND COUNTRY all 8 offices and 150 Associates have reported heightened sales activity in just about every price range. But the statistics show a different first half of the year with 7 of the 12 markets monitored by TOWN AND COUNTRY down by as much as 22%. Only 3 markets showing increases in the Number of Home Sales, Southampton Area (which includes North Sea) + 16%, Westhampton (which includes Remsenburg, Westhampton Beach, East Quogue, Quogue and Quiogue) +8% and East Hampton Area +7%, East Hampton Village and Sag Harbor Village were both unchanged.

Looking at Total Home Sales Volume, again 7 of the 12 markets were down by as much as -54% on Shelter Island. In fact our darling Shelter Island seems to have experienced the deepest pull back. All 3 criteria monitored by TOWN AND COUNTRY declined on Shelter Island, in so far as, the Number of Home Sales dropped the most at -22% and Median Home Sales Price took a slight dip at -2.65% from $790,938 to $770,000, year to year.

Westhampton (which includes Remsenburg, Westhampton Beach, East Quogue, Quogue and Quiogue) on the other hand, was a strong performer, with the Total Home Sales Volume record of the report at +36% from $166,133,588 in 2014 to $226,024,167 in 2015 and a 35% leap in Home Sales Price from $747,000 to $1,009,450.

Southampton Village took the crown for Median Home Sales Price gain at 44% from $1,668,750 in 2014 to $2.4 million in 2015. But in East Hampton Village the Median Home Sales Price for the first 6 months of 2015 was an impressive $3.1 million.

Bridgehampton (which includes Water Mill and Sagaponack) closed the most sales over $10 million –there were 11 in the first half of this year.

Looking at All Hampton Markets combined and the report is more in keeping with the sentiment from the boots on the ground. While the Number of Home Sales was nearly unchanged, the Total Home Sales Volume was up 6% and Median Home Sales Price up nearly 3%. Not as strong as we would have expected but a solid mid year report. 

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Guild Hall Summer Gala

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Friday evening, August 7th, Judi Desiderio attended the Summer Gala at Guild Hall for the exhibition featuring over thirty of Mr. Lichtenstein’s Sea-Scapes. Once the exhibition was finished the party continued at 172 Cedar Street, a 23-acre equestrian farm in East Hampton owned by Jeff Fagen, the creative director of the surf company, Panda Diplomacy and his wife, Isabel Rose, who wrote a novel called “The J.A.P. Chronicles”. The event was hosted by April Gornik and Alec Baldwin was the auctioneer. The generous artists who donated for the Live Auction were William Wegman, Kaws, Annie Leibovitz, Keith Sonnier, Jacob Hashimoto, John Chamberlain, and Malcom Morley. There was a Wine Dinner with NY Times Food Writer Florence Fabricant for 8, courtesy of Florence and Richard Fabricant auctioned off for $10,000.  

The evening was a grand success and Guild Hall did a wonderful job hosting the event. Congratulations to all.

Judi A. Desiderio, Chief Executive Officer
631.324.8080  ext: 221

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Judi A. Desiderio, Chief Executive Officer
631.324.8080  ext: 221

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Judi A. Desiderio, Chief Executive Officer  

631.324.8080  ext: 221


Friday, July 24th, 2015

Town & Country took their Hamptons Associates to view the finest properties on the North Fork offered exclusively through our North Fork offices and Westhampton Beach.

We began our excursion on the western end at IN#40326 a 23 acre mixed use property. Farm land with all development rights in tact as well as commercial use.

Then off to a 10+ acre horse farm IN#51500 two single and separate lots with a traditional home, barns, paddocks and an indoor riding ring.

We broke for lunch at the beautiful Mattabella Vineyard for what felt like a slice of Tuscany. Enjoying beautiful vine views, incredible food and one of the finest rosé.

The afternoon was a true delight!

First a spectacular 72 acre waterfront farm IN#34966 for an amazing $7M and limitless potential!

Lastly, a private sound front subdivision, perfect for a builder or family compound.

On the way back to the South Fork everyone was amazed at the beauty and opportunities abound. Investors were on instant dial for our Associates. Come explore the beauty and civility of the North Fork!

Block Island

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Block Island is so close to home yet a world away. I suggest a visit soon to this beautiful place!

Judi A. Desiderio, Chief Executive Officer                     

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Friday, May 10th, 2013

-          Experience… years in the industry ensures your agent has earned his/her stripes yet a progressive thinker captures more attention for your home. He / she should be seasoned enough to do a walk through with you and make recommendations as to improvements needed to net you the highest price.. sometimes it can be as simple as powerwashing the exterior of the home to , let’s redecorate a bit—and stage your home so buyers focus on the room and how to best design the interiors.
-          Market knowledge .. agents you interview should come with a CMA or comparable sold & available homes in your vicinity & price point. They should have the depth to speak knowledgably about recent sales, pending deals, and what today’s customer is looking for—gives you insight
-          Advertising team.. today’s real estate world is vastly different that even 10 years ago.. the internet is the source of half of all buyer leads today therefore internet exposure, export feeds etc are all imperative. The agency behind the agent should have a marketing team who focus all different mediums such as traditional print, internet, direct mail & in-house clientele lists. Does the Broker have the resources needed to cast a wide net for you?
-          Pricing genius.. the agent who gives you the highest suggested asking price is not always your best choice.. in fact most times they can cost you valuable time & money. Too many agents will tell sellers what they want to hear just to get the listing.. don’t be romanced. I always say, the truth doesn’t always win friends and influence people but the truth is what prevails.. and when you are in the business as long as I am, reputation is paramount. The facts are what you need to make an educated decision—once you see the comps (sold comparable properties) and you see what your competition is then you can clearly see the range your home should be priced in. Then listen to your agent as to what their recommendation is and ask WHY? Pricing is one of the most important and one of the most difficult aspects of a successful outcome.
-          Communication expert … your agent should take the time necessary to LISTEN to you first and foremost,, hear what your motivation to sell is and the timing that is optimal for you. Then he/she should keep you continually apprised of all their marketing efforts and any feedback so that together you can tick & check
-          There for you… in today’s high speed world of instant gratification timely responses are critical. This could mean the difference of getting the sale or losing it! Your agent needs to be accessible 7 days / week. Obviously no one works 365 days a year—though most power brokers come very close—they should be accessible by phone, text or email… and if they can not be present for a showing or inspection, that’s fine, provided they coordinate, over see and have a qualified associate assist on their behalf
-          World class negotiator… once a potential buyer is engaged, your lead broker should be the only one negotiating for you. His or her skills becomes the clincher. In my professional opinion, negotiation skills are the last to develop in sales people, yet some are natural negotiators and others will always find limitations there. In your initial interview of agents, you will be able to ascertain their negotiation skills by how confidently they navigate the conversation of pricing, positioning and commission rate. You want to hire the broker who will close the deal skillfully in the most favorable light for you—the client!