Attention Homeowners… Here’s your Spring Checklist

March 20th, 2015 - by Judi Desiderio
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Town & Country has put together a spring checklist for all home owners, but particularly for those of you with homes on the market. Whether your home is on the market for sale or for rent… Or simply to keep your home fresh here are a few simple items to check off. Keep in mind first impressions are key! Having said that we begin our list with an exterior eyeball. Then we move in! The key is to have all the senses.


#1 – Cleanliness in next to Godliness! Clean off winter (and fall’s) debris… Nothing shouts neglect more than untidiness.

#2 – Front Door – Is it clean, Does it operate smoothly, Does it need a fresh coat of paint, Is the screen door perfect?

#3 – Walk In… What is the first thing you see? Should that be the first thing you see when you walk in?

#4 – Are the rooms cluttered? If so, unclutter – Then remove another 20% of whatever is around.

#5 – How does it smell? Do you have pets? Did the home have a leak from all the ice and snow?

#6 – Repair, Repaint, Replace… Kind of like location, location, location from within… If anything is not immaculate toss it.

#7 – Style… Remember in the Hamptons if it’s 10 years old it’s totally outdated.


You’re not alone here…..


There are tons of talented Landscapers, Painters, Designers, Stagers, and of course Real Estate Professionals… And they are worth their weight in GOLD.


Following these simple steps is guaranteed to increase the value of your home. Rental values, even more so than sales values, are significantly affected by aesthetics. Money well spent… Think of it this way, you’re investing in your investment.


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