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Southold Town 375, Greenport Tall Ships and Marquis de Lafayette’s Hermione’s visit to Greenport Harbor 4th of July 2015

Thursday, March 26th, 2015
Southold celebrates its 375th anniversary
Southold 375

Southold Town – New York's oldest English speaking settlement in the New World- is celebrating its 375th birthday this year – and it is only befitting that this year the Hermione, the ship that was boarded on March 10, 1780 by Marquis de Lafayette to be reunited with George Washington, will visit the Port of Greenport this 2015 July Fourth weekend during its Tall Ships Festival 2015. Greenport's charm will be the backdrop for this momentous event – it will be a great time for some VIP spotting – in any of Greenport's famous restaurants and bars… and sip some local wines while enjoying some of the North Fork's tremendous seafood bounty and fresh locally grown produce. 

Lafayette's Hermione

Call any of Town and Country's Realtors ™ – if you want to know what's going on – where to stay and what to do – 631 765 0500 or 631 298 0600

Attention Homeowners… Here’s your Spring Checklist

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Town & Country has put together a spring checklist for all home owners, but particularly for those of you with homes on the market. Whether your home is on the market for sale or for rent… Or simply to keep your home fresh here are a few simple items to check off. Keep in mind first impressions are key! Having said that we begin our list with an exterior eyeball. Then we move in! The key is to have all the senses.


#1 – Cleanliness in next to Godliness! Clean off winter (and fall’s) debris… Nothing shouts neglect more than untidiness.

#2 – Front Door – Is it clean, Does it operate smoothly, Does it need a fresh coat of paint, Is the screen door perfect?

#3 – Walk In… What is the first thing you see? Should that be the first thing you see when you walk in?

#4 – Are the rooms cluttered? If so, unclutter – Then remove another 20% of whatever is around.

#5 – How does it smell? Do you have pets? Did the home have a leak from all the ice and snow?

#6 – Repair, Repaint, Replace… Kind of like location, location, location from within… If anything is not immaculate toss it.

#7 – Style… Remember in the Hamptons if it’s 10 years old it’s totally outdated.


You’re not alone here…..


There are tons of talented Landscapers, Painters, Designers, Stagers, and of course Real Estate Professionals… And they are worth their weight in GOLD.


Following these simple steps is guaranteed to increase the value of your home. Rental values, even more so than sales values, are significantly affected by aesthetics. Money well spent… Think of it this way, you’re investing in your investment.


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Judi A. Desiderio, Chief Executive Officer              

631.324.8080 ext. 221

East Hampton Film Society

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

My name is Will Stoecker and I am the founder of the recently-established East Hampton Film Society, a local film club that meets twice a month in Guild Hall’s John Drew Theater to screen classic and arthouse films to the public. On March 5th, we had our Grand Opening screening of The Godfather. This week, we are showing Wes Anderson’s (Grand Budapest Hotel) classic Bottle Rocket on Thursday, March 19th at 8:30pm, followed by a panel discussion with local film enthusiasts.


This is simply a message to the press to spread the word about the event.  It would help tremendously if you could pass on the message! I have attached the events flyer, links to Guild Hall’s event page and ticketing page, as well as the films trailer.



Guild Hall event page: 

Online Tickets:  



Thank you so much, and we hope to see you there!


Will Stoecker

Senior Curator & Founder

East Hampton Film Society


Hamptons Magazine Round Table

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Judi Desiderio, President & Chief Executive Officer, participated in Hamptons Magazine Round Table on today’s real estate market and specifically how today’s market of homes built on speculation are viewed, what future trends are on the horizon and finally what are the market movers.

The round table was hosted by Hamptons Magazine, and Debra Halpert, Publisher and Michael Braverman, Editor at Large of Hamptons moderated the discussions. The panel consisted of Judi Desiderio - Town & Country Real Estate, Gary DePersia – Corcoran, Cody Vichinsky – Bespoke Real Estate, John DeVito – NJC Contracting, David Auth – Connor Homes, Harry Bates – Bates Masi and Christine Curiale – Wells Fargo. Discussions were lively. Read about this in coming issues.


Judi A. Desiderio, Chief Executive Officer              

631.324.8080 ext. 221


Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Town & Country 2014 TOP 10 MOST EXPENSIVE SALES REPORT opens with the sale that shattered ceilings across the country.

Barry Rosenstein’s purchase of the Estate of Andrew Gordon from his partner Chris Browne logged the most expensive residence in the country at $147M. Since Town & Country bases our TOP 10 REPORT on individual parcels, this home at 62 Further Lane in East Hampton Village traded at $97M for the #1 spot. Add to that the two contiguous 3.7 acre lots which totaled an additional $50M and the purchase of approximately 17 acres from sea to street was $147M. This broke the US record and blew by the previous record set by Ron Baron of the deMenil Carpenter property for $103M which was also sea to street on Further Lane back in 2007.

In 2013 Vince Camuto sold his Southampton oceanfront home at 16 Gin Lane with 4 additional vacant lots for a total of $75M. Again since T&C bases the TOP 10 on individual parcels, the 16 Gin Lane sale of the oceanfront home was just $35M, and therefore was trumped by Steve Cohen’s purchase of 52 Further Lane, East Hampton which sold for $62.5M that same year.

This year, the notable statistic for those of us who are numbers junkies, is the one holding the #10 position of 19 Robertson Drive, North Haven. The 6.2 acre DeMato residence on Noyac Bay sold for $31,567,350. It’s not just the dollar amount — it’s the fact that the #10 spot was held by a sale over $30M AND it wasn’t oceanfront. Compare that to the #10 spot in 2013 of 450 Gin Lane, SHV at $18.750M and you see why 2014 is such a record breaking year for real estate. 2007 was the last time we saw the high end experience such heightened activity and that year the #10 spot was 1190 Meadow Lane, SHV at $23,770,500. In 2009, after the crash, the #10 spot was 19 Pudding Hill Lane, EHV at a mere $10,720,000.

Bottom line, new ceilings are shattered following outstanding years for the stock market.

To view all Top 10 Most Expensive Sales visit

1.         62 Further Lane – East Hampton $97,000,000

Andrew S Gordon Trust to 62FL LLC

2.         101 Lily Pond Lane – East Hampton $55,000,000

Coastal Realty Grantor Trust to 101 Lily Pond Lane LLC

3.         576 Meadow Lane – Southampton $41,000,000

Sagamore LLC to Casa De Mer LLC

4.         125 Mid Ocean Drive – Bridgehampton $40,000,000

David Susser to 125 Mid Ocean Drive LLC

5.         16 Gin Lane – Southampton $37,700,000

16 Gin Lane LLC to Wooldon Manor LLC

6.         1116 Meadow Lane – Southampton $37,500,000

Sillerman Residential Properties LP to Meadow Lane Trust

7.         311 Surfside Drive – Bridgehampton $37,125,000

Michele & Robert Simpson to 311 Surfside LLC

8.         616 Ox Pasture Road – Southampton $37,000,000

JAF 616 Ox Pasture Holdings LLC to 616 Ox Pasture LLC

9.         390 Fowler Street – Southampton $32,500,000

Kevin Brine to 390 Fowler Lane LLC

10.       19 Robertson Drive – North Haven $31,567,350

Harriet & Richard DeMato to Triple Jay LLC


Judi A. Desiderio, Chief Executive Officer             

631.324.8080 ext. 221