Town & Country is a supporter of LIBFRE

April 23rd, 2014 - by Judi Desiderio
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Town and Country Real Estate is a proud supporter of LIBFRE (Long Island Business for Responsible Energy).  At this time, LIBFRE’s mission is to stop PSEG and its endeavor to change the character of the hamlet of East Hampton.  Their immediate goal is to remove all the newly-installed toxic Pentachlorophenol pressure treated wood poles, and to halt any further installations of high-tension overhead transmission lines onto the six-mile stretch from East Hampton to Amagansett.  LIBFRE would like to see the lines re-routed underground along major public corridors and away from residential neighborhoods.  Their objective is to create another alternative for back-up electricity while the burial of underground power lines is being researched.  Shouldering the cost of said project, should be borne by PSEG and not its ratepayers.  Town and Country would like to thank Helene Forst and Jack Forst for all they have done to support this motion intended to preserve the beauty and character of our unique hamlets on the east end of this fragile island.

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