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Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Many years ago there was a tennis camp on Majors Path, Southampton New York. The property was sold and according to Newsday, the lawsuits have begun. The neighbors are opposed to the camp for environmental reasons. The owner, Jay Jacobs, state Democratic Committee Chairman, said the camp would have 400 daytime campers, and up to 100 staffers for 10 weeks in the summer. There is room for 40 bunk houses for camp counselors who don't live nearby but most of the staff will be local residents. He has indicated he would be updating all the old cesspools on the property with new septic tanks. The residents are concerned about the potential harm on the fragile ecosystem of Little Fresh Pond.

Bridgehamptons’ Three Corner Renovation

Friday, November 18th, 2011

It seems to be the three million dollar question in Bridgehampton….What is happening with the Bull’s Head Inn and its neighboring commercial corners.  It looks to me to be the “Revival of the Historic Mansions”.  I find this very exciting and happy to see that the current owners of the properties are restoring and renovating the 19th- century mansions and keeping a part of Bridgehampton history alive (Thanks to the “Save the Bull’s Head Inn” committee).  Another happy site, as I drove into work today,  they finally razed the old dilapidated Beverage Distributor/gas station (not sure how that building didn’t fall down in the last storm).  Let the Bridgehampton Beautification Begin!


After years of back and forth with permits and town objections the projects are finally approved and construction has begun.  Now the question is – what will be going in the newly restored mansions and the new building on the old beverage/gas station site. 


The Bull’s Head Inn is being totally restored and will be the show piece for a new hotel and restaurant.  There will be five smaller buildings constructed on the property to house the conference center, health spa and lap pool.  


The Greek Revival Mansion across the street from the Bull’s Head Inn started renovations sometime back and is now moving along at a much faster pace.  This building is owned by the Bridgehampton Historical Society and will be made into a museum.  Thanks to all the generous donations of the Bridgehampton community this dream renovation has become a reality and hopes to open next year.


The Beverage Distributor site is going to be a brand new office complex built in the same style as the Bull’s Head Inn.  It will be 9,000 square feet and should be ready for occupancy next year.


Bridgehamptons’ Three Corner Renovation….the past restored…..

Baldwin’s Generosity

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

First and foremost, all of us at Town & Country Real Estate would like to say “Thank You” to Alec Baldwin for all he does for our community. Most recently, Alec has donated $250,000 to the East Hampton Library to help cover the $4 million cost of expanding it’s children’s room. Baldwin was honorary co-chairman of the library’s children’s wing expansion committee and co-chairs it’s annual authors night fundraiser. He had previously donated $25,000 to the library for the expansion. The work is scheduled to begin next spring and will take about 1 year to build.