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Sunday, March 22nd, 2009




Town and Country balloons adorn one of the parade’s major attractions; the horse & carriage courtesy of the North Fork Horsemen’s Association…

Hundreds of people enjoyed the St Patricks Day parade in Cutchogue… the kids of the North Fork and their parents came out in full force to enjoy a very crowded Down Town where North Fork Chamber President Joe Corso announced the participants in fornt of Fisherman’s restaurant on Main Road. Recently appointed North Fork Agent Advisor for T&C, Nicholas Planamento  and his Golden Retrievers Schuyler and Fleur carried the Torch for Town and Country. The people of Cutchogue seemed ready for a celebration, reflected also in the recent uptick in Real Estate activity on the North Fork

Westhampton Beach St. Patrick’s Parade Has Record Turn-Out

Monday, March 16th, 2009

 The 42nd Annul Westhampton Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a huge success this year, with record turnout of young and old, Irish and not. With an "A Country Under Construction" theme, there was plenty of creativity in the floats riding down Main Street, along with the fire truck, classic cars, bands and, least we forget, the bag pipers. Post parade highlights included the kids carnival on the great lawn in Westhampton village and an aerobic stunt show on the beach.

Town and Country was in full green  mode celebrating the luck of the Irish by handing out over over 60 green and white beach balls,  hundreds of green balloons, and serving green iced tea complimented by lots of green sweets. A terrific start to what promises to be a terrific season for Town & Country Real Estate in Westhampton Beach 



Short Sales: See how it can help your situation – as a seller or buyer.

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Fact: More and more people are having trouble making ends meet, and are undable to meet their mortgage obligations. Some people have been served foreclosure papers and a "Lis Pendens" may have been filed. Terrifying stuff, the prospect and misery of loosing your house, and as if that is not enough, ruining your credit for a decade to come or more.

Town and Country can help, there is a bright side: there are other people who are looking for value in the housing market, who have cash ready to go to purchase your home.

The wild card in this process are the banks and how to deal with them.  To help people who owe more on their mortgage than their house is worth, and who are financially so distressed that they cannot keep their mortgage payment up,  a good real estate broker knowledgeable in the field of short sales can bring these two groups of people together and -for the people in trouble- help them take care of a serious financial problem, lift the burden, and prevent catastrophic damage to their credit. 

Town and Country, following up on very succesful seminars in Hampton Bays and East Hampton, is holding its next Short Sale Seminar on March 19, 2009 in Southold, 7pm (VFW Hall-corner Rte25/Tuckers Lane)

The seminar on Thursday March 19th will help distressed home owners understand the process better: Attorneys, a banker from Wells Fargo, a mortgage broker from Manghattan Mortgage, several experienced short sale Realtors ™ and a credit enhancement professional will be available to answer questions. Interested in buying? The panel can answer your questions and explain why you need to deal with an experienced Realtor ™ to successfully close on a short sale, and prevent getting unduly frustrated by the process.

Call or email Joan BIschoff van Heemskerck, T&C’s North Fork Director of Operations (Lic. Associate Broker) or 631 948 0234 or 631 765 0500 for more information!

East End Business Symposium Held in Southampton Draws Large Crowd

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009


I had the pleasure to speak this morning to nearly 100 business owners at a symposium in Southampton on business in 2009.


To encapsulate: We had speakers talk about the explosive growth of the internet as a medium for businesses of all types (read The World Is Flat for more info). Additionally, the demand for green energy and reducing our carbon footprint was discussed along with the jobs such a demand creates. The importance of giving back was discussed and how especially at times such as this we all need to give what we can to our favorite charities— if its not a monetary donation, maybe its your time!  There was much discussed about the current economic conditions then I spoke about the opportunities abound:


Remarkable opportunities arise from difficult marketssuch as these. Having worked in the Real Estate industry for the last 27 years on the East End, I have experienced a stock market crash and 2 other recessions,, when I began, interest rates were 18-19%.. if you think its difficult to sell real estate in this marketthat was a time we could only sell to friends and relatives. While this recession is quite deep it is in no way a depression, I think it is irresponsible journalism to sensationalize these difficult times be searching for parallels. During the Depression of the 30s unemployment was at 25%.. there was double digit losses of GDP  it was a terrible time in American history where we learned so much of what/ how not to have that repeat again. That said, lets look at even that awful time in history and see which great companies were built, aside from the surge in growth from companies such as GE.. companies that were born in the 30s were the likes of Fisher-Price, Allstate, Tyson, Mobil, Lego, Toyota, Warner Bros, Sheraton, Polaroid, Volkswagen, SaraLee & The Ritz Carlton  impressive isnt it!  These were all companies run by driven visionaries who were contrarians! They worked hard, invested in their brain children and made things happen! Personally and professionally I am very excited by the tremendous opportunities all around us. We are currently in a market where our children can actually afford to buy a starter homeand this time will not lastwe simply do not have the inventory to allow extended down markets. I believe in what we do so much I too have several offers out to get my sons started on the right foot. I wish all my hard earned money was in east end dirt when I open my 401K and stocks investments and see 60-65% declines I cry! 2009 will be the Year of the Deal! In all price ranges all marketsthere will be GREAT deals to cash buyers. The fortunes of tomorrow will be born from the opportunities of today!  Remain positive  its contagious! 


Hampton’s Rentals Take on New Twist This Year

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Town & Country Real Estate is seeing unique things in the rental market this year with agents getting more inquiries for year round rentals and half summer rentals. Throw in the requests for rentals to be shared by two families and the market this year is an unusual one. Agents,  embracing all inquiries, are busy checking the availability of listings that meet these criteria, often calling landlords to see if they would accept rental agreements as such.  As is always in the real estate business, change is inevitable and our agents adapt by servicing needs and requests of all our customers and clients.