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Real Estate – Forever Changed

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

In the nearly 3 decades of my Real Estate career in the Hamptons and North Fork, I must say the first 22 years, it was business-as-usual with little apparent changes, but the past 7 years  have proven to be anything but what we considered business-as-usual. The Real Estate Industry and the practices within have forever changed. 

            Agent profiles:  Successful agents are true professionals with business agendas.  The time of part-time agents and the misnomer of “housewife selling real estate” are gone forever.  Today’s top tier recognize they are actually running their own business and treat it as such.  They are committed to branding themselves through advertising and surrounding themselves with competent associates.  My job, as the Broker of Record, is to provide an enriched environment and support their growth and development through experienced guidance and the tools required to succeed and excel.  Agents today must be proactive.  They must be focused and determined to succeed, knowing that such means long hours of networking, mailing, internet exposure, branding, contact management and much more – just as with any other business, they must invest in themselves and be committed to their course.

            Business Tools:  The computer is the single most important change to our industry.  As it evolves, the internet becomes more and more front and center.  Just as the economy has become global, so has the Real Estate industry – the world is our stage – particularly, a resort area such as ours.  We see our website receiving traffic from around the globe.  The summer of 2008, with the favored exchange rate, was our best year for international leases with nearly 20% of all Town & Country leases written to international tenants.  Every year now is a new set of demographics.

            Technology:  Laptops, Blackberries, iphones, GPS, Google Earth, Virtual tours, websites, portals, SEO, PPC –—– OMG –—– no doubt a year from now we’ll be adding more ‘must haves’ to our list of techno toys.

            Though the tools about our business have forever changed, the essence has not.  Ours is a business of information and relationships.  Above all else, a smart, dedicated sales staff is invaluable and a Broker with vision, committed to their agents and knowledgeable about their specific market, positions their firm to be industry leaders.


Short Sale Seminar

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

 The "S" Word.

Short Sales. A phenomenon so rare on the East End, up until now, that you could identify each one. The Hampton and the North Fork may have been one of the last hold-outs, but in the past few months the amount of short sales on both the north and south fork have been mounting due to job loss, shrinking pay checks, poorly structured mortgage loans and more.

While we are somewhat insulated to the market swings that occur in other parts of the country, thee is a direct connection to Wall Street form our main Streets and therein lies some of the problem.

The Federal Government is taking unprecedented measures to stabilize housing and curtail the wave of foreclosures on the horizon because we have come to find much of our overall economy is intertwined in the American dream – homeownership.

Capitol Hill has identified a need to stabilize the housing market first in order to begin the recovery process. To that end, Town & Country has collaborated with local Real Estate Attorney Robin Lang, who specializes in short sales, Mortgage Broker Victoria Hohman from Manhattan Mortgage Company, and our own Elizabeth (Miss) Capozzoli, Licensed Real Estate Broker and Certified Short Sales Specialist to offer a series of free educational seminars specifically on Short Sales

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 from 7-8:30 pm at the Hampton Bays Library, 52 Ponquogue Ave

Panelist are:

LEGAL - Robin Long, Esq or Fier & Long PC Attorney, 631-585-4344

REAL ESTATE - Elizabeth Missy Capozzoli from Town & Country Real Estate, 631-288-3030

MORTGAGE- Victoria Hohman from Manhattan Mortgage Broker, 631-324-1555


Santa Visits The Hamptons Real Estate Office

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Santa came early this year, at least to Town & Country Real Estate’s Bridgehampton office. On Friday, Dec 2, jolly old St. Nick appeared bearing goodies for children of all ages. Bells were a jingling,  cookies were flowing, children with smiling and the magic of Christmas was felt by all.  


Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Here at Town & Country we are gearing up for what’s expected to be a great rental season in the Hamptons and on the North Fork!.

In preparation of our annual launch of the Town & Country eRental Guide for 2009, our agents have been diligently updating our 15,000 rental listings.

Such volume and expanse enables Town & Country to service potential Tenants from oceanfront castles in Southampton to bay side cottages in East Hampton or pristine contemporaries privately nestled in the woods… full season to monthly rentals. West Hampton Beach has some of the most dynamic light filled waterfront homes. On the North Fork, in areas such as Southold, Mattituck, and Cutchogue – just to name a few– Tenants can find sweet country homes for a significantly lower rental price than in the Hamptons. There’s something for everyone.

So if you agree with us that we should all "GO GREEN" when ever possible, click on our eRental Guide (instead of killing more trees with paper waste) or request an eMail with the link and view a sample of our Rental Listings.