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whbpac, Herbie Hancock

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Perfect Sunday Nite in West Hampton Beach

We had a most enjoyable evening last night, beginning with cocktails and dinner at Starr Boggs al fresco with Jazz in the back ground. Followed by music by Herbie Hancock at the West Hampton Beach Performing Arts Center. A most perfect amphitheater, where every seat is a great seat. Guild Hall, in East Hampton, Bay Street in Sag Harbor and Performing Arts Center in West Hampton Beach are cultural treasures on the South Fork.

Can’t wait until our next nite on the town.

Recession in the Hamptons?

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Just recently I was out and about looking at houses for a customer in Southampton Village – the estate section to be exact. I could not believe the amount of construction going on there. On one block there were so many contractors’ trucks that they had one of the workers directing traffic. What’s interesting was that on the same day,  the morning business news was all doom and gloom and one would think the Great Depression was just around the corner. I know our economy in not in the best shape but sometimes the media takes things to an extreme. It was a good feeling to see that the Hamptons’ is Defying Economic Gravity.   If you have never driven around the Estate Section of Southampton, you must, it is probably some of the most beautiful real estate you will see. Each time I go there, the beauty of all the old houses, landscaping and the beaches just takes my breath away. Be careful not to get caught in the “trade parade traffic jam” on Ox Pasture!

Sag Harbor Boat Party

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Sean Scanlon once again hosted the annual "Barcelona Point Boat Party" on Sunday, August 3rd.  This year the party had to be moved to Mashomack Point  – something about not being able to get a "party permit" from the Town of East Hampton – but thanks to Shelter Island the party took place without incident.  What a beautiful day – sunny, warm weather and the views of Sag Harbor and Shelter Island were picturesque. It seemed to me that this years “floating Woodstock” had a record attendance. I think there were over 500 boats – from little dingys to major yachts all having a great time. Even the jelly fish seemed to corporate and stayed out of the harbor so the swimmers could float around without getting zapped with their tentacles. 

This party usually takes place at the beginning of August (saturation month for locals) and gets us through the rest of the summer reminding us of why we live here – where else can you go to listen to live bands play music on a floating barge sitting on a raft, tube or whatever you can get to float in the water. This is one party in the Hamptons that should not be missed. It is not about who you are or your financial status – just about people from all walks of life getting together to have good clean fun. This party puts a smile on your face and reminds you of why you are so lucky to have a piece of real estate in the Hamptons!
Thank you Sean for all your time and efforts and to the sponsors – Patrick E. Malloy and Strongs Marina


Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

CALLING ALL CPF (Community Preservation Fund) MANAGERS!!! 

The Sag Harbor Cinema, at 90 Main Street in Sag Harbor, is up for sale according to The Sag Harbor Express newspaper. The article can be read on line at .

The article calls upon Steven Spielberg to consider buying the building for a film school with a community focus. A great idea!

It is my opinion that this is piece of history is a PRIME candidate for CPR acquisition. Much like Poxybogue Golf Course, the Sag Harbor Cinema has been a part of the community landscape for many years. This is the sort of purchase many expect the CPF money to be spent on… integral components of our Main Streets that would be sorely missed if they disappeared.

Now is the time to share your voice and opinion. Write, call or Blog today.

Judi Desiderio,  CEO

East Hampton Point Resort

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Sunday Nite is Reggae Nite at East Hampton Point.

Last nite was a perfect summer evening. We sat on the deck ,over looking the water, watching the sunset, listening to music and enjoying good friends and great conversation…. there’s no better restaurant than East Hampton Point for all that!

The Surf Lodge, Montauk, NY

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Congratulations to Jaime Mulholland, Steven Kamali and their partners at the new Surf Lodge in Montauk.

Town & Country and agent Stacey Barnds had the Exclusive on the former Lakeside Inn and sold it to these current owners. What a transformation. It’s alive with energy. The food was great and the music was fun… and what a great view!

Wishing the partners much success!

Farmstands in The Hamptons & The North Fork

Friday, August 1st, 2008

The Hamptons and The North Fork, known not only for their natural beauty, but for their rural flavor, have an abundance of farm stands offering everything from flowers to produce to cheese to wine to baked goods, all grown, produced or baked right in our backyard. 

As you drive the highway on the North Fork or South Fork or the back roads of Mattituck to Montauk, you’ll see an array of stands to choose your delectable delights from. Pull up to any one and peruse – you are sure to come away with more than you expected – and something "home grown" for sure.

So savor the true local flavor of the area by buying local  - you win, farmers win and environments wins.